Product Description

Glixtone AC1, Anti-Carbonation, High Performance masonry paint, suitable for harbour buildings, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, boatyards and any area susceptible to carbon pollution.

AC1 Smooth Masonry Paint is a high performance, water based paint coating, designed for use on new build housing projects and over existing masonry paints. AC1 offers Anti-Carbonation properties that provide outstanding level of resistance to carbon dioxide and other acidic gases with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. As well as offering you a long lasting service, AC1 is highly resistant to UV light, Oil, Grease, Alkali, Salt, Carbonation (Acid) and Dirt and is also Moisture Vapour Permeable. It works to resist against blistering and flaking due to its micro-porous nature.

Glixtone are constantly developing new and innovative products that can be used in all conditions requiring long lasting protection. This High Performance has been formulated to the very highest standards and provides exceptional durability of up to 30 years. It will enhance the exterior appearance of buildings, whilst providing an exceptional level of protection from the elements. This product is tintable to over 200 pastel colours.

Best Uses

AC1 high performance masonry paint is highly suited for application to harbour buildings, Monocouche Render, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, car parks and other areas susceptible to carbon pollution. This Masonry Coating provides property owners with a cost effective means of protecting exterior building surfaces.

  • Outstanding CO2 and other acid gas resistance
  • High UV resistance for lasting appearance
  • Dirt repellent
  • Waterproof and blister proof
  • Resistant to alkali, oil and grease
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering
  • Excellent R value at low film build
  • Moisture vapour permeable
  • Bright white colour is non-yellowing and enhances lux values


This product can be easily applied using a brush, roller or spray. It has quick drying capabilities and is usually dry and recoatable in 2-4 hours, under normal dry conditions.

Surface and Environment

AC1 is a versatile masonry paintthat can be applied to concrete, masonry and metals that have been suitably primed, offering excellent adhesion and protection to weathering.

Glixtone AC1 has Anti-Carbonation properties providing an outstanding level of resistance to carbon dioxide and other acidic gases. In addition, it has exceptionally high water vapour permeability (more than 3 times the accepted minimum for an effective anti-carbonation coating) and very low CO2 diffusion rates. This coating is ideal for industrial and commercial properties, multi-occupancy dwellings and multi-storey car parks too.


Glixtone Exterior Paint




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