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We are in an edgy world now. We started in Birmingham in 1892, so we have been making paint for a very long time. We started in Bolton in 1925. So we have seen edgy times in many forms. We like to make paint in England, we can fuss over all of the detail, make sure every single thing is done well. Our footprint is smaller. Manufacturing really matters to our country and developing and passing on real skills for people who can work for tens of years in the same community and share the good times and the tough times makes you belong. We all want to belong. Many of our paint makers have worked in our companies all their working lives; we have many who have done over 35 years with us. That’s a wonderful skill and knowledge. We can bring manufacturing back home and keep it providing great opportunities. To use all that skill on our doorstep. And to breathe new life into our communities.


When the virus arrived, we only had one real issue, how do we keep all of our paint makers safe? Some of our paint is critically important for applications for the NHS and the nation’s safety so we have a wonderful team who go in every day and make sure we keep these critical paints being made. Everyone else is at home. This means that we won’t be able to make our V&A paints over this period. It’s all hands on deck for the NHS, we are sure you will understand our priority. As soon as we return, we will also be making all of our decorative paint anti-bacterial,with anti-biofilm technology, so that everyone can feel better protected on everything they touch. From all of this worry and concern we can make a better world and become more of what a true society should be. Stay strong and stay safe.



The Victoria Mill

Firwood Paints 

Oakenbottom Road



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